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Ann 4 years ago
My hubby loves me to dress sexy when we go out, in fact orders me, he loves to see other men watching me, then I choose one, a little smile and a little nod from my hubby in agreement, that he will be the guy to fuck me that night . I love it
Joey C 4 years ago
What a gorgeous white woman giving herself to a dominant black man with a superior Black cock. Love to see black men kissing and fucking our white women and wives . I can’t wait for my hot white wife to take her first black cock !
happy hubby 4 years ago
i love when my wife dresses sexy she gets all the attention when we go out or have friends over. she is open to it all and so am i.
Redheadrn 3 years ago
I have been with a few BBC's since I was a young teenager, my husband likes to share me but mostly with white guys who are in the Navy as we live by 2 Navy bases. I have had a BBC while we were at a hotel after we were at a bar close to Mayport Naval Station. The reason why my husband was willing to let the guy fuck me was because there was 4 guys involved with us and the BBC wasn't actually the biggest one. There was a Puerto Rican guy who was about 10" my husband 8 1/2" and 4 1/2" thick
Anonymous 3 years ago
Want black cock for wife. I’ll send pics for who ever wants too
amirakbari 4 years ago
fuck my wife
J.P 4 years ago
She is fit in stockings.I wish my wife would fuck like this xx
James 2 years ago
This dude has my dream job.....blowing a load in white women for money.
white guy 4 years ago
Damn that pussy look way it did when she pushed me out in 95'
Nate 4 years ago
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